I am a licensed physiotherapist, a member of the Polish Society of Natural Medicine and the Ukrainian Association of National Manual Therapy based in Kiev.

I am a lecturer of the French method of microkinesitherapy, as well as visceral therapy - Old Slavic Abdominal Massage, better known as Functional Therapy of the Viscera. I am also the author of the book "Oldslavic Belly Massage" published in 2016 (KOS Publishing House, 2016), in which I additionally presented my own program of work with emotions.

Studying at the Forestry Technical School in Tułowice Niemodlińskie, at the Agricultural University of Krakow at the Faculty of Animal Production and at the Beskid Higher School of Arts and Sciences at the Faculty of Physiotherapy, allowed me to largely learn the anatomy and physiology of plants, animals and people. This knowledge awakened in me admiration for the perfection of this World, the Miracle of Life and Nature. I have always been interested in methods of influencing the human body and psyche. Today, having a huge, many years of experience, I am happy to share my knowledge and passion with others.

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