Pinotherapy is a basic course,
based on the Five Regulatory Systems concept (FRSc). Training recommended as an introduction to the concept.

Manual Medicine

MANUAL MEDICINE is our flagship course, covering a compendium of knowledge of the Five Regulatory Systems concept (FRSc).

Dry Needling

Dry needling by FRSc is an innovative Polish dry needling method based on Radoslaw Składowski's concept.


Three-day intensive course in basic and advanced manipulation of the spine and peripheral joints. The course is full of practical exercises.

Clinical practice
in serious conditions

The training aims to systematize the knowledge acquired so far. It is dedicated to graduates of the Manual Medicine course and physiotherapists, who have been immersed in the FRSc concept for years.


An extended formula of the medical leech therapy course with an element of elaboration on the FRSc concept.

Master Tung Acupuncture

A highly effective acupuncture system derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is a source of solutions for numerous clinical teams.

Orthopedic injuries

Course by Paweł Błachotnik, who shows how to work with patients in post-traumatic and post-operative rehabilitation of selected joints of the limbs.


Łukasz Matusiewicz's original course, the assumption of which is to transfer knowledge and skills in the assessment and treatment of the patient in the chiropractic approach.


Work with traumatized tissue using tools used in the FRSc concept.


The course was created for everyone who has contact with patient imaging on a daily basis.


Working with the Fifth Regulator.

Visceral Therapy

Functional Visceral Therapy is an original form of visceral therapy by Władysław Batkiewicz


Don't have an idea for a gift? For your loved one, for your beloved, for your mother, son, father, daughter, brother, sister and even brother-in-law. And my mother-in-law too! 

The use of the short-circuit technique according to the FRSc concept
in clinical practice

Author's workshop devoted to short-circuit technique in FRScs
and its application in clinical practice.



Autorski warsztat Bartka Czajki i Kuby Łamajkowskiego, podczas którego prowadzący przekazują swoje gabinetowe spostrzeżenia na temat pracy na lipodyniach.

Breathing as the foundation of health

You will learn how to safely practice your breathing to improve your health and your patients.

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